Why You Should Use Adwords or PPC For Your Website

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We get many comments form customers who think that SEO or just being found in Google is the end all and be all of their marketing Woes.  We’ll I’m here to tell you, if you focus on one thing or one way to get traffic, that’s a dying strategy and, it’s just asking for trouble.

Why Never Have Just One Traffic Traffic Strategy

The reason is simple, if you are only focusing one one traffic strategy then, that company you have come to rely on can shut you down at anytime and then you are left with nothing.

So instead, you want to have a mix of traffic from sources that work and one I mean that really work.

Some of these are, SEO, PPC, Youtube, Facebook and email.  When you are first just starting your business website these are the ones you will want to focus on.

It’s also at this point in time when you need to ignore the other sales phones calls and focus on the 80/20 rule.

Because, after doing this for almost 24 years the websites I see which are most successful are the ones who have focused on these traffic strategies first.

And yes, places like Yelp and Angie’s List can also be very profitable for your business and I’m not saying to turn them down.

Just make sure you focus on the bigger picture first and when your budget allows, then add in the other traffic ways into the mix.

Adwords Can Go Hand in Hand With SEO

One of the great things about using Adwords is reach.  And, there is nothing wrong with showing up for two places on a Google page, one in organic and the other in Adwords.

Reach is all about going far and wide for your main keywords and in every situation it’s different.

Keyword Research

One get thing about Ad-words is you can do live keyword research and discover new keywords you might have never thought about before.  Setting up a few keywords under modified broad-match and over a few weeks you can see some gem keywords.

Then, once you identify good profitable words, take those and break them into their own ad-groups and sometimes even pay cheaper clicks.  But the one real thing doing all this will do is allow you to have greater control over the ads.

Seeing Demographics

One things SEO wont give you is demographics, this is where adwords comes in and delivers up what you need.  Just gaining some insights into this can help you make more intelligent marketing decisions.

It’s Scalable

This is the number one reason for using Adwords or Pay Per Click traffic and that is it’s Scalable.  When you discover something that works, you have at your fingertips easy access to more traffic on demand.  All you have to do is pay for it.

And, you just need to find the right keywords which will turn on your buyers and tire kickers.  But, Adwords allows you to do this by having more keywords and ad-groups.

Fast Traffic

The one things about having someone perform SEO on your site is, it’s a waiting game.  It could be months or even years before your seo campaign will take off.  With Adwords, you have have traffic in 15 minutes as long as your willing to pay for it.

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