Law Firm Seo Services, Pensacola Florida

Landing law firm clients on Google can be a challenge when some clicks are as high as $100. SEO can be a fantastic way to land new clients from your law firm website.  A results-based SEO campaign is what can help you get the leads and clients you are looking for.

Our Pensacola SEO firm has over 20 years of experience in law firm seo and can can help you reach your visibility goals on Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

The search results can be a tough place to get performance from.  It takes content marketing, landing pages, competition analysis, keyword research, finding your target audience and a real seo expert to get the job done right.

Your practice success depends on not only rankings but quality website content to attract the exact attorney client and results you are looking for. It takes a highly thought out marketing strategy with link building efforts and expertise. Please see our page on marketing for attorneys.

Any type of lawyer practice areas can benefit, whether injury, bankruptcy, litigation, corporate, family, criminal, immigration, employment, intellectual property or even tax law.

Website Marketing Pros Can Help

With our SEO firm you get:

Real SEO Strategists

We have been performing SEO services for over 20 years and know how to rank your law firm. We will come up with a full real strategy tailored to your firm.

Monthly Strategy

Helps you firms visibility

Boost Revenue

A tailored seo campaign will help bring quality clients and leads to your firm. We will help you get real law consultations to your firm.

Quality Law Leads

Help your firms bottom line

Rank Over Competition

Boosting your visibility in Google means boosting your bottom line revenue. We will help your rank over your competitors on all the major search engines.

Boost Your Visibility

rank higher than your competition

Your SEO Questions Answered

We understand that SEO can be a huge investment as well as something mystical to attorneys.  

We strive to make search engines easy for you to understand and will not bore you with the technical details. We are unlike any other seo agency you have dealt with in the past.  

We take pride in our work and want to make your law firm a success online. We will not keep you in the dark and will explain everything in a crystal clear manner.

Location SEO success

Depending on where your practice area is, you should focus on search engine rankings in cities around your firm as well.  The seo campaigns we build will help with the marketing efforts in and around your city.  This way, you can take advantage of landing clients outside your area also. 


Chances are if you time talking with seo consultants, you will have heard of backlinks.  And they are important for you to atleast understand them from a 10,000′ overview.  Because they are like votes to your website Google and other search engines pay attention to. They are what help bring authority to any seo strategy and your website.  But, these days you cannot just have any old links pointing back to your site.  You need quality and in some case quantity.  

We are expert link builders who will build relevant quality links Google trusts which will help rank your website higher and bring more searches your way.

We also monitor through intense reporting our link building efforts.  Every month we make sure we are building relevant links that are all about quality which Google trusts.

Analytics Monitoring Every Month

Google analytics is a tool for measuring channels that bring traffic to your site.   

Google Analytics is also an excellent tool for measuring many other channels of traffic on your website including social media pay-per-click links and more. the information and examples that Google Analytics gives you can help your team reach their goals faster.

Company Reviews

​Getting honest reviews for your Law Firm is a fantastic way to build trust and traffic to your website. when consumers fill out genuine reviews, these can be added to Google and other platforms. people who are looking for advice on services tend to look in major places like Google. we can help your law firms reputation with these factors. we look for many directories and sites where we can list your office and bring value to the user experience.

Google My Business

A properly optimized Google business profile along with search engine optimization can help bring your to the top of the SERPS for lawyers.  This area is also known as the Google maps 3 pack on Google.  The competitiveness can be fierce for each keyword you want to rank.  We understand SEO strategies to help rank you inline with your website. 

Content Marketing Services

It’s important for any personal injury lawyer to have quality content on their website.  If you do not have content to add to your site, we have current lawyers who can write content. It’s very important for your law practice to rank with search engine marketing.