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Real professional seo services require content and keyword seo strategy planning.

Google and other search engines are making daily changes to their algorithms. And this requires more than year 2005 tactics. Choose a real SEO company and see results.

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Expert SEO Services Florida

If you want to turn your business around and enter the world of SEO, you need a company that is dedicated and keeps up to date with Google. Search engines are always changing and evolving.

Most other seo companies today perform tactics that spam Google and the rest of the internet. While we know the changes and things to bring your company better visibility from search engines.

SEO Strategy Planning

When planning to get organic search traffic with a new website design, you need real seo strategy planning. This involves creating a keyword topical map, content planning, taking care of technical seo and more.

If you are a local service company, you need a plan for services pages, location pages and blog pages that all tie in together.

You also need to know what keywords you can realistically rank for in your service area. Having a topical map in place can help you understand what needs to be done and why.

You need local SEO experts who can help take your website to the next level and get you more visibility in Google. This only comes from actual content planning and nurturing.

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ROI Longterm

Search is a marathon and much slower than other traffic channels. However, the return on investment can be huge and can minimize your other advertising costs. Going slow and steady wins the visibility race. And, search traffic can take care of your business for years to come.

Content Marketing & Optimization

If you want to win with SEO, you need quality compelling content that draws your visitors in. You need to define what your target market is looking for and give it to them. You need to answer their questions and help them as much as you can.

Content is the most important aspect of SEO next to quality backlinks. Delivering to the searcher intent matters most.

Targeting Keywords

Keywords are very important to search campaigns, but you don’t want to overdo it these days. But things have changed since the old days of seo. These days, targeting topics matters most. No longer do you create a page for every single keyword you find. Google algorithms look for like keywords and will show many of the same results for relevant keywords.

Getting User Experience Right

A website needs to be user friendly. Some of what we look at is the website mobile, responsive, is there friendly navigation and do pages load fast. Website structure is also highly important for seo and users who visit. If your site is too hard to navigate, then it may turn people away.

Monitoring Site Traffic

SEO changes all the time, with new algorithms being put into place. You need a company who knows the difference between a core update and a Google penalty. We also analyze search trends, user behavior and your competitors. All of this is important to keep up with so you can make the correct decisions for traffic.