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cleveland seo companyWebsite Marketing Pros LLC is your premier Cleveland SEO company located near Cleveland, Ohio. We have been helping companies since the early 90’s acquire new customers through online marketing and search engines.

We have tested and implemented thousands of search campaigns since then and know what works to gain traffic from SEO.

We Help You Get New Customers

When you hire us and your Cleveland SEO company, our focus is 100% on your ROI and getting new business. There are many different ways to acquire customers through search. And, we help you find the correct way to search traffic.

Our Cleveland SEO Company Process

Everything starts with keyword research for your business. We study your business with laser-like focus until we know what type of prospect you’re after. Only after that does keyword research begin.

Many companies, will try and get your homepage ranked for many variations of your main keyword. This is not always the best approach, as it does not focus on specific landing pages that speak to your new prospects.

We help you develop new landing pages to rank in search that will qualify and convert customers.

Each landing page is carefully crafted so they will best speak to your new prospects.

Qualifying New Prospects

As we are getting to know your business via keyword research we will also build a customer avatar. Once you know who your new customers should be we can then form your new marketing message.

This will also tell us what exact keywords we need to go after.

This in-depth research allows for much better marketing and qualifying of prospects. In other words, you go after exactly who you want to see your message and you spend less time qualifying new business down the road.

Website Structure

Website structure is highly important for your website. A proper website structure will allow you to take advantage of SEO properly and rank the correct pages in search.

We structure your website so it takes advantage of every piece of content and they are listed in search properly.

On-Page Optimization

With today’s SEO, you need the proper on-page optimization techniques to rank the correct way. Ranking algorithms such as Google’s hummingbird go deeper than just on-page and look at content as a whole. We take this into consideration when looking at your pages.

We understand idea’s such as Term Frequency and not just keyword density and we make sure your pages are all properly updated for Google most feared algorithms.

Off-Page Optimization (Link Building)

Links still remain a big quality single to Google but they are not the only signal you should focus on.

We help your site by getting natural links from your content just the way Google intended. You see, many SEO’s do not understand that a website will attract quality and junk links, this is the natural process. It’s the amount of each that matters.

We process all your links and look at things such as anchor text, quality, quantity, type and more. And we spend time where it matters most.

Good links should bring traffic also by themselves. This is a huge part of links, many firms miss.

Technical SEO

One of the first things we look at on your website is your technical matters. Doing so is of utmost importance. For instance, we have found customers who had WordPress plugin’s installed that were hindering their search results. Once we found these issues and deleted the plugin’s, their ranking skyrocketed.

It’s simple matters such as these that can make all the difference and we make sure we find them.

The Holistic Approach

It is our full over holistic approach to SEO that will help you gain valuable customers over time and have a new website that will look great to Google and your new customers.

Everything needs to fall into place to make the whole plan work. We do this so your not only convert customers but also please search engines like Google and have a quality website for years to come.

Full Customer Dashboard

When you hire us to perform your website SEO, we will supply you with a customer dashboard, so you can see the progress of the seo we are performing on your website.

Our dashboard will allow you to see your analytics, links built and more all in one convenient place.

You can also see all of the tasks we have completed for your project in real-time and other analysis of your project.

Once you hire us, you will get your own log into your dashboard where you will see all of this plus be able to communicate with us.

Our dashboard is very convenient and all of our customers love this highly sought after feature.

Content Creation

Good quality content is the cornerstone of what makes a website work. With many of our campaigns, you will get content creation that will help your website succeed in the search engines.

We take a holistic approach to content because it’s that important.

Your content also needs to convert customers. We hear many times from customer who thinks people do not read their content. Nothing could be further from the truth. People do read yoru content, it’s how they start to trust you.

Even if you are in a quick service industry where people need to fix something quick like a screen on a iPhone, people will read your content. And we can prove this to you.

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