How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

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Everyone always asks us how they can increase traffic to their websites for free.

And, we always tell them it involves work and dedication or spending money to hire people to do it for you.  Sure, free traffic takes all this and more but, in the end, it’s worth the effort.

The Best Way To Get Free Traffic

There are many ways to get free traffic online.  You can get free traffic from social media, search engines, forums etc.  But first, before you do anything, you have to find out where your audience is hanging out online.

And, one of the best for this is search engine traffic.

Sometimes customers come to us and say they cannot find good enough keywords for their website and we always ask the same question.  Have you looked long and deep enough?

Sure, search engines are not always best for every niche but if you take the time to look long enough, you can bet you will be able to find keywords that match what you are selling.

Answer Questions And Be Helpful

When it comes to search engines, people use them in stages.  First, when someone has a problem they might type something general into Google.  An example of this would be “my car won’t start.”

Then after a bit of trial and error, that same person may come back and type something more specific like “Nissan Altima won’t start.)

These keywords are what is known as the awareness stages.  People are usually not ready to buy at these stages but if your page was presented to them at this point you have exposure.

The trick is capturing them in the next stage of their search when they start to type more specific searches.  At this point, they will have seen your website always and begin to start trusting you because you were helpful in the beginning stages.

Next, when they start to figure out their actual problem they will type searches like “Nissan Altima starter problem.”  At this point they have figured out it’s their starter causing the issues after trial and error.  Or they might be a little more specific and type something like “2005 Nissan Altima start issues.”

Then, when the person has figured out their issue, they type in a search such as “buy 2005 Nissan Altima starter.”

So, a typical person with a problem will go through at least 3 stages when searching, especially if they are unaware of what their issues are in the beginning.

They will typically go through these stages:

  1. Awareness (informational)
  2. Investigation
  3. Transactional

User intent is what you want to think of when planning a content strategy.

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