Website Not Showing In Google Search

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Reasons Your Website Not Showing In Google Search

Website Not Showing In Google Search

If your website not showing in Google search, there could be a whole host of reasons for this.  Some of these reasons could be your website has no backlinks, high keyword competition, technical errors, a Google penalty and more.

So, you have to be a detective and try and figure out what is causing the issue of not showing on Google search by going over everything or you need to hire a competent team to diagnose the SEO issue.

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And yes it’s important for a business website.  Believe it or not, organic traffic can bring in a ton of traffic and sales for any business on the web.  But, you just need to learn the correct way to market your business website.  And one of the best ways is via content marketing.  And yes, your content should be stellar so you can captivate your audience better.

But, let’s get back to your site not showing in search.  And, I’m going to go over a list of things for you to check, so you can get your site in Google search results and market your business.

Does Your Site Have Any Backlinks

Backlinks are necessary for search engines to find and rank your site.  Google does have over 200 ranking factors they look at when ranking sites and these can change depending on the search results page.  But backlinks are needed bottom line.  And, if you don’t have any backlinks, you will have a hard time ranking in Google.

Even if Google did not exist, one of the ways to market a website is by having other sites link to your site.  This was the way webmasters would market websites long before Google.

And, you want a diversified backlink profile for your site also.  You will want links from many different places and you need natural links.  One of the ways to get natural links is by writing good quality content and promoting that content on social networks.

Does Your Site Have Enough Good Content

Have you written enough good quality content?  Google does tend to like content over 1000 words but, it’s just not the number of words that matter.   It’s the quality and if your content answers the searchers intent.  In other words, does your content talk about everything having to do with the subject?

Try to also be original with your content and don’t just cover over the same things as everyone else.  You are unique, so take your time and research if you have to and then write your content in your own words.

And ideally, you want to have at least 30 pages of high-quality content.  This will show search engines you are serious.  However, there is truly no set rule as to the number of pages you need.  But, if you don’t write keyword focused pages for all your business keywords, how will anyone find you?

Is Your Site On A Decent Server

Are you paying for a decent web host?  We see this all the time where business owners choose a cheap web host.  The problem is if you go cheap your website is on a shared server with sometimes hundreds of other websites.  And, this can make everything go very slow.

So find a decent host if you are serious about your business.

Check For Technical Errors

This is a huge one.  Many of the sites we work on have some form of technical error holding if back from showing up properly in Google.  This could be something as simple as a corrupt htaccess file to WordPress showing lots of duplicate content.

And, if you are using WordPress, there can be a ton of errors sometimes.

If you have no idea what you are looking for then consider hiring someone who knows what to look for when it comes to website or blog technical issues.

Have You Waited Enough Time

If you just started your website 2 days ago, it will take time for you to show up in Google search.  We’ve seen some sites take as little as a week to some only showing a month later.

Is WordPress Set to No Index

This is a very common mistake people new to WordPress make all the time.  In WordPress, under the settings menu is the option to set a no=index directive.  Be sure and check this setting if you show nowhere in Google search and it’s been a few weeks already.

Is Your Site Showing In Search But It’s just Ranked Low

Another huge possibility especially if your site is new is, you are showing in Google but your site is somewhere past the top 100.  And if this is the case, this can be for a few reasons listed above.

Is Your Site Under A Google Penalty

Google can and will take action against sites they think that are manipulating their search engine.  There are manual penalties and algorithmic ones.

If you are under a manual penalty then you will have to find the reason and once you do, usually contact Google webmaster support to try and get it lifted.  But this is usually something you want an experienced pro to do.  If you contact Google too many times and have not fixed the issue, they could move on and never contact you back again.

Algorithmic ones can also be hard to diagnose if you do not have the experience.  But, you can usually see results in as little as two weeks and sometimes up to a few months.

Hiring Website Marketing Pros

WebMpros has over 26 years experience when it comes to online marketing and SEO.  We can diagnose all off the reasons your website may not be showing in Google search and help your website get back on track again.

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