Why Your Business Needs Seo

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Why Your Business Needs Seo To Survive

There are seemingly lots of business’s who survive and do ok without an online presence or doing any Pensacola SEO.  But if you take a much closer look, some companies that have not adapted have gone out of business.  Now, we’re not saying you will go out of business anytime soon.

But, if you have a proper SEO plan in place your business could thrive that much more and fully take advantage of online marketing.

With a good SEO plan in place, your website focuses on creating content and keyword research to drive customers to your business.  Each article or page you create can be another inroad to your business.

Check out our section on content marketing and why your business needs it.  This section will teach you what you need to know about creating content and why you shouldn’t just create any old content.

Now, you may be asking still why would I need all that content.  And one of the biggest reasons is search engines will take you more seriously when you have more content.  Why, well, this is what they do.  Content is what they are looking for, it’s their bottom line, and you need more of it.

SEO Brings In More Customers

When you create keyword focused content, Search engine optimization can bring in loads of traffic to your business website.  Sometimes this traffic can be enormous.

And the best part is, it’s like a super salesman that never calls off and is there 24/7 showing new customers new things, answering questions and making the sale.  So, the better the content you create the more customers you can create for your business.

According to Optin Monster, 50% of people who search on their mobile phone for a local business visit that store within a day.

SEO Can establish You As An Authority In Your Market

When you put your best effort into your website and answer customers questions, help people out and give them what they want.  You can be seen as an authority in the marketplace.

And, with all the competition out there today, standing out should be priority number one for your business.  This is how you overcome competition by essentially being much better than they are, not only with your products and services but also with your marketing and taking care of peoples needs.

An example of this related to SEO would be, if you had an iPhone repair website, you could create articles that explain to people how to repair their own iPhones.  This helps people and then in turn, if they like your content they might tell someone about you when they need their phone repaired.

Once You Put In The Work The Free Advertising Rewards Happen

The best part about search optimization is it’s free.  Well, free traffic after you do all the work that is.  And this traffic can be worth lots of money in the long run when you consider how much some businesses are paying for a click on Google Ads.  For example, some lawyers are paying over $200 per click for advertising.

However, you should always be looking for new ways to help people and create content that helps them.  Sure, SEO and content creation can cost lots of money but when the work is done it can bring in leads for years to come.

SEO Traffic Can Possibly Convert Better

One thing about search traffic is, it can convert much better than pay per click or any other form of traffic.  People tend to trust organic results much better.  But, again you will need to test this out for your industry.  In some industries, PPC can outperform or perform just as well as organic search listings.

However, there is also nothing wrong with having PPC ads alongside organic listings as this can double your chances of being found.  And pay per click can provide you with quality insights into what people are searching for with a search terms report better than an organic report.

Consumers Research Now More Than Any Other Time In History

We are in the information age fully now and people are pretty smart.  So they tend to research now more than ever before making a purchase.  and, when your website keeps showing up over and over again in the search results they will remember you when they need your products or services.

If you think of a funnel with 3 parts.  First, you have the top, the middle and the bottom.  The top of the funnel is when people are just starting to search for something.  So they may tend to use a broad unfocused keyword for their search.  i.e, the keyword “cars”

Next comes the middle of the funnel.  At this point, a searcher is starting to get more honed in on what they want.  So they might search for something like “BMW cars”.

Then at the bottom of the funnel, the searcher will know almost precisely what they want.  So, then they search for keywords like “buy BMW i7 near me”.

Now, these keywords can change or be much different person to person when they search but if you show up at every stage of the funnel then the searcher will have seen you 3 or more times.  And if you are a car dealership, this might just result in a sale.

SEO Can Build A Brand

It’s no surprise, people trust Google and when you show up in their results over and over again, people will trust you. It shows you have creditability for consumers.  And, its this that can help build a huge brand.

We have seen SEO build big brands in business mainly with SEO and content.

Warning Always Have A Backup Plan

One thing you need to be aware of when it comes to Search engine optimization.  And, that’s the fact that it’s volatile.  You truly could lose everything overnight if and when Google releases a new algorithm update.

So you need a backup plan for your business.  And one of the ways to do this is to build another content engine website alongside your existing business website.  This other website can not only bring in more traffic but it can help sustain traffic until you figured out what happened to your existing traffic.

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