Website Not Showing In Google Search

Reasons Your Website Not Showing In Google Search

Website Not Showing In Google SearchIf your website not showing in Google search, there could be a whole host of reasons for this.  Some of these reasons could be your website has no backlinks, high keyword competition, technical errors, a Google penalty and more.

So, you have to be a detective and try and figure out what is causing the issue of not showing on Google search by going over everything or you need to hire a competent team to diagnose the SEO issue.

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And yes it’s important for a business website.  Believe it or not, organic traffic can bring in a ton of traffic and sales for any business on the web.  But, you just need to learn the correct way to market your business website.  And one of the best ways is via content marketing.  And yes, your content should be stellar so you can captivate your audience better.

But, let’s get back to your site not showing in search.  And, I’m going to go over a list of things for you to check, so you can get your site in Google search results and market your business.

Does Your Site Have Any Backlinks

Backlinks are necessary for search engines to find and rank your site.  Google does have over 200 ranking factors they look at when ranking sites and these can change depending on the search results page.  But backlinks are needed bottom line.  And, if you don’t have any backlinks, you will have a hard time ranking in Google.

Even if Google did not exist, one of the ways to market a website is by having other sites link to your site.  This was the way webmasters would market websites long before Google.

And, you want a diversified backlink profile for your site also.  You will want links from many different places and you need natural links.  One of the ways to get natural links is by writing good quality content and promoting that content on social networks.

Does Your Site Have Enough Good Content

Have you written enough good quality content?  Google does tend to like content over 1000 words but, it’s just not the number of words that matter.   It’s the quality and if your content answers the searchers intent.  In other words, does your content talk about everything having to do with the subject?

Try to also be original with your content and don’t just cover over the same things as everyone else.  You are unique, so take your time and research if you have to and then write your content in your own words.

And ideally, you want to have at least 30 pages of high-quality content.  This will show search engines you are serious.  However, there is truly no set rule as to the number of pages you need.  But, if you don’t write keyword focused pages for all your business keywords, how will anyone find you?

Is Your Site On A Decent Server

Are you paying for a decent web host?  We see this all the time where business owners choose a cheap web host.  The problem is if you go cheap your website is on a shared server with sometimes hundreds of other websites.  And, this can make everything go very slow.

So find a decent host if you are serious about your business.

Check For Technical Errors

This is a huge one.  Many of the sites we work on have some form of technical error holding if back from showing up properly in Google.  This could be something as simple as a corrupt htaccess file to WordPress showing lots of duplicate content.

And, if you are using WordPress, there can be a ton of errors sometimes.

If you have no idea what you are looking for then consider hiring someone who knows what to look for when it comes to website or blog technical issues.

Have You Waited Enough Time

If you just started your website 2 days ago, it will take time for you to show up in Google search.  We’ve seen some sites take as little as a week to some only showing a month later.

Is WordPress Set to No Index

This is a very common mistake people new to WordPress make all the time.  In WordPress, under the settings menu is the option to set a no=index directive.  Be sure and check this setting if you show nowhere in Google search and it’s been a few weeks already.

Is Your Site Showing In Search But It’s just Ranked Low

Another huge possibility especially if your site is new is, you are showing in Google but your site is somewhere past the top 100.  And if this is the case, this can be for a few reasons listed above.

Is Your Site Under A Google Penalty

Google can and will take action against sites they think that are manipulating their search engine.  There are manual penalties and algorithmic ones.

If you are under a manual penalty then you will have to find the reason and once you do, usually contact Google webmaster support to try and get it lifted.  But this is usually something you want an experienced pro to do.  If you contact Google too many times and have not fixed the issue, they could move on and never contact you back again.

Algorithmic ones can also be hard to diagnose if you do not have the experience.  But, you can usually see results in as little as two weeks and sometimes up to a few months.

Hiring Website Marketing Pros

WebMpros has over 26 years experience when it comes to online marketing and SEO.  We can diagnose all off the reasons your website may not be showing in Google search and help your website get back on track again.

Why Your Business Needs Seo

Why Your Business Needs Seo To Survive

There are seemingly lots of business’s who survive and do ok without an online presence or doing any SEO.  But if you take a much closer look, some companies that have not adapted have gone out of business.  Now, we’re not saying you will go out of business anytime soon.

But, if you have a proper SEO plan in place your business could thrive that much more and fully take advantage of online marketing.

With a good SEO plan in place, your website focuses on creating content and keyword research to drive customers to your business.  Each article or page you create can be another inroad to your business.

Check out our section on content marketing and why your business needs it.  This section will teach you what you need to know about creating content and why you shouldn’t just create any old content.

Now, you may be asking still why would I need all that content.  And one of the biggest reasons is search engines will take you more seriously when you have more content.  Why, well, this is what they do.  Content is what they are looking for, it’s their bottom line, and you need more of it.

SEO Brings In More Customers

When you create keyword focused content, Search engine optimization can bring in loads of traffic to your business website.  Sometimes this traffic can be enormous.

And the best part is, it’s like a super salesman that never calls off and is there 24/7 showing new customers new things, answering questions and making the sale.  So, the better the content you create the more customers you can create for your business.

According to Optin Monster, 50% of people who search on their mobile phone for a local business visit that store within a day.

SEO Can establish You As An Authority In Your Market

When you put your best effort into your website and answer customers questions, help people out and give them what they want.  You can be seen as an authority in the marketplace.

And, with all the competition out there today, standing out should be priority number one for your business.  This is how you overcome competition by essentially being much better than they are, not only with your products and services but also with your marketing and taking care of peoples needs.

An example of this related to SEO would be, if you had an iPhone repair website, you could create articles that explain to people how to repair their own iPhones.  This helps people and then in turn, if they like your content they might tell someone about you when they need their phone repaired.

Once You Put In The Work The Free Advertising Rewards Happen

The best part about search optimization is it’s free.  Well, free traffic after you do all the work that is.  And this traffic can be worth lots of money in the long run when you consider how much some businesses are paying for a click on Google Ads.  For example, some lawyers are paying over $200 per click for advertising.

However, you should always be looking for new ways to help people and create content that helps them.  Sure, SEO and content creation can cost lots of money but when the work is done it can bring in leads for years to come.

SEO Traffic Can Possibly Convert Better

One thing about search traffic is, it can convert much better than pay per click or any other form of traffic.  People tend to trust organic results much better.  But, again you will need to test this out for your industry.  In some industries, PPC can outperform or perform just as well as organic search listings.

However, there is also nothing wrong with having PPC ads alongside organic listings as this can double your chances of being found.  And pay per click can provide you with quality insights into what people are searching for with a search terms report better than an organic report.

Consumers Research Now More Than Any Other Time In History

We are in the information age fully now and people are pretty smart.  So they tend to research now more than ever before making a purchase.  and, when your website keeps showing up over and over again in the search results they will remember you when they need your products or services.

If you think of a funnel with 3 parts.  First, you have the top, the middle and the bottom.  The top of the funnel is when people are just starting to search for something.  So they may tend to use a broad unfocused keyword for their search.  i.e, the keyword “cars”

Next comes the middle of the funnel.  At this point, a searcher is starting to get more honed in on what they want.  So they might search for something like “BMW cars”.

Then at the bottom of the funnel, the searcher will know almost precisely what they want.  So, then they search for keywords like “buy BMW i7 near me”.

Now, these keywords can change or be much different person to person when they search but if you show up at every stage of the funnel then the searcher will have seen you 3 or more times.  And if you are a car dealership, this might just result in a sale.

SEO Can Build A Brand

It’s no surprise, people trust Google and when you show up in their results over and over again, people will trust you. It shows you have creditability for consumers.  And, its this that can help build a huge brand.

We have seen SEO build big brands in business mainly with SEO and content.

Warning Always Have A Backup Plan

One thing you need to be aware of when it comes to Search engine optimization.  And, that’s the fact that it’s volatile.  You truly could lose everything overnight if and when Google releases a new algorithm update.

So you need a backup plan for your business.  And one of the ways to do this is to build another content engine website alongside your existing business website.  This other website can not only bring in more traffic but it can help sustain traffic until you figured out what happened to your existing traffic.




Importance Of Website Content And Why You Need More Of It

Importance of Website Content

The importance of website content cannot be overstated.  It is the beginning and the end of everything online when it comes to marketing.  If you learn how to build and nurture and the content machine then you can build a thriving business online that can last.

Sure, there are other ways to make money online like landing pages, funnels and paid advertising but, having content is much more.

First of all, when you build a content machine, you are making a long-term investment in your business.

You are setting yourself or your business up to be seen as an authority in your market.  Doing so can bring you free leads and sales in the double digits.

But, content needs to be done correctly.  Just adding a bunch of words to a page does not make good quality content by any means.  You should carefully craft and calculate the content you create.

Before you do anything else, watch this video and then read the rest of this post.

Answer Customer Questions

One of the best ways to get leads is by creating pages or blog posts that answer your customer’s common questions.  By doing this you are effectively helping people which in turn can help them to get closer to becoming a lead for your business.

What you do is, sit and think about every aspect of your business.  Think about what your customer is going through, what problems and issues they may have all related to your products or services.

Take your time here, there is no need to rush.  Because if you take the time, I bet you will think of tons of issues you can write about to help people out.

Google and Traffic

The number one thing Google needs wants and desires is content.  Think about that for one minute.  Google or other search engines business is all about content.  Without content, they would be nothing.

So when you create more and more content, the engines like Google start to take notice.  Once you have over 30 pages of good content then they start to take your more seriously.  it doesn’t mean you will rank right away for your most important search terms but, you have now made them stand up and put more eyes on you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should just try to create at least 30 pages of content as fast as you can.  Again, take your time with content and think about it.  You need to match up your searchers intent with your content.

Content Is Not Just Written Words

Content does not just have to be a blog post either.  It can also be in the form of a video, infographic, excel spreadsheet, a pdf file, audio, ebook, an email, photos, podcasts, presentation, white paper, contests, or a calculator.

The importance of this website content is many of these types of content can be very helpful to people and many can be downloaded and looked at later on.

Remember, it’s all about helping people.

Building A Content Machine

Building a content machine takes time and dedication.  But in the end can be really well worth it by bringing you sales, leads, traffic and more.

In the beginning, when you decide to build your machine, you can always take your time to make it happen.  But, at some point, you will need to get it off the ground and start producing quality content and in a decent amount.  Now, this doesn’t mean producing as many crap articles as you can.  Take the time to build out quality content.

Put your all in each and every content piece and make it the best you can.  Some blog owners, take days to create one long quality article that will answer the searcher’s question.  Some of their articles are well over 5000 words long.

They then are able to monetize their website with ads, email marketing or some other offer.

A content machine is really not that hard to build but we feel it is a necessary thing to do.  You see it builds a foundation for your business, even if you’re just using a one-page landing page sending paid traffic to it.

Think of your marketing as a wheel with spokes and each spoke is a lane back to your website.  If one of those lanes goes down you still have traffic coming to your website.

Making Your Content It’s Best

You have to learn how to make quality content that people can use and consume.  The best type of content to create is content that people find useful and want to share and tell all their friends about it or everyone on their facebook page or whatever social media they are using.

So, when you sit down to write your content, take the time to think about things.  What exactly you are going to say, how you will help your reader and what the overall goal is for your post.

If you do this, over time you will get better and better at coming up with quality content and you will get faster and faster creating it.

You can visit places like the content marketing institute for help with creating quality content.

Here is also a little more explaining what quality content is all about.

Hire Writers Or Write Yourself

Now, you can write all your content yourself if you are maybe a good writer and if not it’s going to take some time to learn how to write.  But as I said it’s well worth it in the end.  All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off and you will have a content traffic machine marketing your business for free.

Or, you could hire writers to create content for you.  There are many places to get writers to produce quality content for you.  You can search on Fiverr, or even constant content.

Just watch where you go especially like places Fiveer.  Not all writers will produce quality content but it’s good if you need to get started and then later upgrade to a place like constant content.

Content Has Created Successful Companies

Yes, content marketing has created multimillion-dollar companies year in and year out.  The things these companies or people did was just get started and improve upon what they were doing every single day.

People like Eric Siu of the Single Grain SEO and online marketing firm has done.  Eric says he was really bad at many things in his life for a long time but, when he started content marketing everything changed.

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

Everyone always asks us how they can increase traffic to their websites for free.

And, we always tell them it involves work and dedication or spending money to hire people to do it for you.  Sure, free traffic takes all this and more but, in the end, it’s worth the effort.

The Best Way To Get Free Traffic

There are many ways to get free traffic online.  You can get free traffic from social media, search engines, forums etc.  But first, before you do anything, you have to find out where your audience is hanging out online.

And, one of the best for this is search engine traffic.

Sometimes customers come to us and say they cannot find good enough keywords for their website and we always ask the same question.  Have you looked long and deep enough?

Sure, search engines are not always best for every niche but if you take the time to look long enough, you can bet you will be able to find keywords that match what you are selling.

Answer Questions And Be Helpful

When it comes to search engines, people use them in stages.  First, when someone has a problem they might type something general into Google.  An example of this would be “my car won’t start.”

Then after a bit of trial and error, that same person may come back and type something more specific like “Nissan Altima won’t start.)

These keywords are what is known as the awareness stages.  People are usually not ready to buy at these stages but if your page was presented to them at this point you have exposure.

The trick is capturing them in the next stage of their search when they start to type more specific searches.  At this point, they will have seen your website always and begin to start trusting you because you were helpful in the beginning stages.

Next, when they start to figure out their actual problem they will type searches like “Nissan Altima starter problem.”  At this point they have figured out it’s their starter causing the issues after trial and error.  Or they might be a little more specific and type something like “2005 Nissan Altima start issues.”

Then, when the person has figured out their issue, they type in a search such as “buy 2005 Nissan Altima starter.”

So, a typical person with a problem will go through at least 3 stages when searching, especially if they are unaware of what their issues are in the beginning.

They will typically go through these stages:

  1. Awareness (informational)
  2. Investigation
  3. Transactional

User intent is what you want to think of when planning a content strategy.